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The Nonprofit Social Media Manager

Welcome, and thank you for visiting Sarieta Schultz Communication, a space where I create bespoke  media solutions.   

We all have voices, the voiceless and those who need to be heard.  We can lend a helping hand to amplify the voices of those most vulnerable in society.

Using my service, you will benefit from my 30 years of communication knowledge and experience to ensure that we tell your stories to build support for your organisation.

My communication philosophy is based on the basic theory of two-way symmetrical communication.  It means that there is an equal and balanced flow of information between the organisation and its stakeholders where their needs, concerns, interests and values are considered when decisions are made.  

While you concentrate on serving your beneficiaries, I free up your time and manage your social media process.  It remains the quickest and most cost-effective way for the developmental sector to reach audiences.

And if you require it, I will also develop a traditional media strategy.

I also do individual tasks, which I call ground cover.  These include content creation for blogs, visual design and transcriptions services.

Get in touch, and let’s see how we can tell your stories to build support for your cause. 

About Sarieta Schultz

I am a skilled communicator that combines my skill set, education, 30-year experience, and sound judgement to achieve objectives within set timeframes.

My experience includes the development of corporate communication strategy, policy, planning and execution of communication functions such as media relations (both traditional and social media), event management,  information centre management,  in-house journalism and marketing communication.

While serving in the South African National Defence Force, I performed the following functions on a volunteer basis:

  • I supported and managed traditional and social media accounts for Saray Khumalo (2014 – 2019).
  • I established a social media presence for Alzheimer’s SA Gauteng (2021-2022).

What They Say ...

Adventure Charity Support

“Thank you for coming to my rescue and evacuation.  You have been such a part of my adventures and the mishaps.  I have no suitable words to express my gratitude”.

 – Cindy van Wyk,  Munga 2022

“Sarieta was the operations manager who ensured that everyone was fed and taken care of, even though she never hiked with the team.”

Saray KhumaloMy Journey to the Top of the World, 2022

Social Media Management

“A special thanks to Sarieta for the continuous support to promote the services rendered by Alzheimer’s SA Gauteng Region.  She started in January 2021 and ensured that our services became known and visible to the Gauteng Community.  She was committed and did her own research on applying the best social media options.

Thank you again.  Without your enthusiasm, our Facebook page would not be active.”
Alzheimer’s South Africa Gauteng, 2022



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