Good News for Nonprofits about Online Fundraising

News reached the forest that, the Charities Aid Foundation’s 2021 Giving Index says, South African’s hands are still open to funding worthy causes. We ranked 21 out of 114 surveyed countries. It seems that COVID-19 had a positive impact on charitable giving. We can just hope that the trend continues in the future. “The pan-African tradition of ubuntu is evident in the rankings of Kenya and other sub-Saharan nations,” says Mr Neil Heslop, Chief Executive Charities Aid Foundation (CAF). How does it affect online fundraising?

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Social media for Nonprofits

The upside of social media for Nonprofits

Telling your stories in your own voice is a massive advantage of using social media to connect with audiences. Through storytelling, one can inspire, educate and influence – all necessary communication objectives that increase an organisation’s support base.

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Social Media Delivers for Nonprofits

Social Media Delivers for Nonprofits An effective social media strategy enhancesnonprofit’ organisation’s visibility, credibility, and ability to achieve objectives.  Nonprofits should use social media because

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