Let’s go on an Adventure

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Every adventurer for a cause needs a sidekick. Adventure Charity Support includes activities to smooth the path so that adventurers can focus on what they do best.  Let me explain the service:

Planning – always start at the very beginning.  The plan will answer the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW  the support for the adventurer(s) will be managed.

Logistical Support.  The service includes accommodation,  transport arrangements.  During the event, I also look after your physical needs, such ensure that you have water and food.

Manage Social Media for the Campaign.  Coverage includes the build-up, coverage of the event, post-event publications, and monitoring and evaluation of the event.  Here you can read how the social media campaign will be managed.

Post-event Wrap-up.  The activities include an evaluation regarding the execution of the event and monitoring of social media channels.

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