Ground Cover

Forest seeds are those basic functions that are essential when communicating. It refer to data analysis transcriptions, design and content creation.

SSC Transcription

Transcription Services

When audio is not enough.  Transcriptions offers an accurate record of interviews, meetings or even phone calls.   

I transcribe manually to ensure nothing is missed. I also translate btween Afrikaans and English when required.

SSC Content

Content Creation

In the digital world that requires instant satisfaction, content remain king (yes,  it may sound corny, but it is still true :)).

So if you require copy for blogs, adverts, e-mail marketing campaigns, social media posts give me a call. 

It also include website content, because your messages over all digital platforms (an of course offline) should be the same.  

SSC Design


Design is just another means of communication.  it is important that your design, whether it is written, audio or video is all integrated to communicate your message. 

I use CANVA for designs.  Note, that Sarieta Schultz Communication do not claim copyright on these designs.