The Curious Case of Nonprofit Followers

Building a relationship with nonprofit social media communities takes effort.  It is always a two-way street.  So, chasing followers is not a credible way to validate social media pages.

Why Not, Then?

Here are six reasons why not:

Engagement Discrepancy

Having many followers doesn’t necessarily equate to high engagement.  Many followers might be inactive or uninterested in the content being shared.  Engagement metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and click-through rates provide a better understanding of how followers
interact with the content.  The target of Engagement Rate per Reach (ERR) is 5%.   

Source:  Engagement Rate: How to Calculate ER for Social Media Properly (

Incomplete Picture 

Focusing solely on follower count neglects other vital metrics such as
engagement, reach and demographics.   A
comprehensive understanding of audience behaviour requires analysing multiple
metrics with follower count.  One must
know your audience to understand what they want to read.

Quality vs. Quantity 

It’s more important to have followers
who are genuinely interested in the content and likely to engage with it rather
than simply accumulating many followers.  Quality followers actively participate in
discussions, share content, and contribute positively to the community.

Organic vs. Paid Followers

Some accounts may inflate their
Follower count is measured through paid promotions or buying followers, skewing the perception of their reach and influence.  Organic growth, where followers are gained
naturally through, genuine interest in the content is a better indicator of
audience quality.

Algorithm Changes

Social media platforms frequently update
their algorithms, affecting followers’ content visibility.  A high number of followers doesn’t guarantee
that all followers will see the content, as platforms may prioritise content
based on relevance, engagement, and recency. 
Think about a person who opens a newspaper.  The article is not guaranteed to be read
or that it interests the person.  Well-researched,
original content beats the algorithms. 

Changing Preferences

Audience preferences and interests can evolve.  Having many followers doesn’t
guarantee sustained interest or loyalty if the content doesn’t adapt to meet
their changing needs and expectations.

The Last Word

While follower count can be a superficial indicator of a social media presence, it doesn’t provide a complete picture of audience
engagement, quality, or the effectiveness of content strategy.  It’s essential to consider a range of metrics to assess a social media presence’s true impact and success.

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